So good!

Just found this podcast! So glad I did! If you like true crime then this is a great podcast to listen to! The hosts keeps you engaged and wanting to listen to more. Check it out!

Interesting and fun!

Kim and Lark are amazing story tellers and the fact that they talk about some lesser known crimes make it more fascinating. I wait every Tuesday and Friday for their releases! Love them!!!

The most polite true crime ever

Kim and Lark are an absolute joy to listen to! Their lovely accents, sassy attitudes and respectful storytelling make this show perfect for ANYONE who enjoys stories of true crime. They do a great job of mixing it up by bringing in some well known cases with a little extra detail or more obscure and lesser known stories. Plus, their foresnsic friday episodes just add an extra bit fun and weird knowledge, detailing some of the less well known aspects of crime solving. So cool

You need this, but be warned

Not once has Lark or Kim brought me any sweet tea while I was listening. Look, this a great great show. You are invited to sit with the nicest women while they talk about murder and awful things and to be honest, life doesn't get much better than that. Their voices make me wish I'd never moved north. You'll be super happy to add this to your list to subscriptions, but don't wait so long to come in and review like someone we know... (not me tho...nope..not me at all)

This is a really good one!!!

I have listened to about 135 true crime podcasts and so I know the goodens. I Love these ladies...big hearts, smart and well-researched. Give them a try if you want a consistent TC pod to listen to. Big Love, Tara


Let me tell y’all. These ladies are so well spoken, their research is amazing, and you have to listen to this!

Awesome show!

Lark and Kim play well off one another and are really entertaining. Love the music in the background which really sets the scene well!


Southern fried true crime at its absolute true crime and a joy to listen to.

Just love y’all

Hi I just have to say I love how you two give the facts but add your twist to it. Can’t wait to hear more . Keep it up! ~ Lydia ✌🏼❣️🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Great Cast!

Southern accents and crime! What could be better?! Do yourself a favor and subscribe. The ODDentity Podcast

Southern Bells and True Crime

First off before they even started telling one of their stories, I fell in love! I am a sucker for a southern accent! Great show and definitely subscribed.


This podcast has become one of my favorites. The topics, the research, the hosts, all make for a great formula for an amazing podcast. I highly recommend this!

These two are the greatest!

Such a great show! You'll be laughing and finding yourself intrigued the entire time. Their southern accents are my favorite :)

5 stars

I listen to a lot of true crime, but these gals have something unique here. Great chemistry between the hosts, great format, interesting topics. Subscribed!

I'll Have Iced Tea

The South can be a scary place. Kudzu Killers: Homicide and Sweet Tea delivers a bit of Southern charm into the world of true crime. It's entertaining, fascinating, funny, and dark all at the same time. Give them a listen and subscribe now, especially if you're at all a true crime fan!

Unique Podcast !

I love the hosts! They have amazing personalities, great chemistry, and make me laugh so much! Love their Southern charisma and story telling skills. This podcast stands apart, do not sleep on this! -Cyndy

Intriguing yet tasteful

I first listened to the Taco Bell Strangler, because, I’ll be honest, I was hooked by a reference to one of my guilty pleasures. I will never look at that fast food sign the same way again. I was drawn in by all the details of this man’s horrible crimes, wondering how the heck someone got so twisted. But I also really appreciated these ladies’ empathy toward the victims and the situation in general. I will definitely be coming back!

Loving it!

This podcast is chock full of southern charm and true crime! The hosts have great chemistry and they cover unique stories- definitely a 5 star show!


I love Kim and Lark! If you’re looking for a well researched true crime podcast with a little twist of southern charm and sass then this is the show for you! Great sound quality and I love the original music. I just finished the Taco Bell killer episode and it was so well done! I had never heard of that case and was on the edge of my seat. What a creep! Thanks for the hard work ladies, keep it up! 👏🏽💜 -Aa pod

True Crime and Southern Charm

This podcast is incredible, because they keep it light hearted even when talking about the nitty, gritty details. The stories are well researched, and well told. And the conversations between the hosts really adds to the story. If you’re looking for an easy to listen to podcast talking about all things true crime, this is it!


A great crime pod, I like how they try to maintain a more lighthearted vibe without disrespecting those involved in the cases they discuss, that's a difficult balance to strike! The audio quality is good and the content is well researched :)

Southern Charm and Sass

I can't think of enough great things to say about Kimberly and Lark - they do such a fantastic job with this podcast. Their Southern sass as they discuss a variety of cases new and old - near and far - are such a delight to listen to. And I appreciate that they take the time to give you an idea of where the cases take place for those of us that don't live in the Southern half of the US (and for international listeners who know very little of our geography). If you're looking for something new to listen to, add Kudzu Killers to your list. You won't regret it.

Southern Shade

These ladies are very well researched and have a great chemistry together. I love the small digs at the suspect in the episode and the way they bring a comedic feel to tough subjects. Their intro music is great and they put together a great show!!

So glad I found them!

I stumbled across this show and am so glad I did! A podcast that focuses on a lot of southern US crimes that I’d never heard of - it’s well-researched and told by two southern gals! It’s the show that I didn’t know I needed in my life! Just so well-done and really entertaining, even when talking about some dark topics. Give them a listen and I guarantee you won’t be disappointed!


Very interesting topics and an amazing intro song! I love their banter. The information is well researched and delivered well. Good job!

A killer podcast

If you’re looking for a good podcast that is delivered in an amazing way by two true southerners. Then look no further. This is a great listen that covers some amazing crimes from the south. Highly suggest giving this a listen!!

Love it!

Oh my goodness, is this a good show! I'd had this on my list of shows I wanted to check out, and I'm so glad I finally did. They discuss interesting stories that I've never heard of before and they can appreciate a little bit of humor even in what is sometimes a very dark subject. Not to mention, their accents are beautiful! I'm absolutely loving listening to these ladies!

Great podcast

Very well resurrected great presentation and very interesting. The cases are ones that I haven’t had a lot of coverage and the hosts do a great job. Give it a listen.